The Song Between Our Stars is in a holding pattern.

In the second half of 2022, economic pressure forced the publication to cease operations. Our servers went dark. While artisitc pursuits have rarely been drivers of profit, arts organizations increasingly face existential crises from lack of funding. At present, it is unknown if The Song Between Our Stars will resume publication. However, for the sake of the stellar contributors we have enjoyed publishing over the years, it is important to maintain an online presence. Sadly, the original domain "" was lost to a URL-poacher, so there may be links on other sites which we can not update. Please watch this space for updates, or add your email address to our email list.

60 full color pages in print and digital versions.

The Winter 21/22 issue presents previously unpublished work. It showcases poetry, fiction, and artwork from writers and artists around the world. ​ Poetry by: Valerie Viera, Joel Long, Jerome Berglund, Stephanie Johnson, Cole McInerney, Donna Pucciani, Michael Fallon, Jeremiah Prenn, Oz Hardwick, Clara McAuley, Horia Pop, Eren Harris, Cleo Rohn, Jordan James. Visual Art by: george l stein, Lawrence Bridges, Ernst Perdriel, Alik Vetrof, Evan Williams, Ryoko Minamitani, Bruce Turk, Owen Brown, Barbara Martin, Carina Chang, Marsha Solomon, Kateryna Bortsova, Serge Lecomte, Eric Woods, Van Lanigh. Short Fiction by: Jennifer Kim, A. Farrier, Julian Santiago Munoz, Martin Toman, Bruce Meyer, Gavin Boyter

The debut issue presents previously published and unpublished work created in 2020, as first-hand accounts of a year unlike others in living memory. It showcases poetry, fiction, and artwork from writers and artists around the world. ​ Poetry by: Janet McCann, Yash Seyedbagheri,  Nancy L Cook,  Xavier Panadès i Blas, Lucilla Trapazzo, Jane McPhetres Johnson, Winston Plowes, Hunter Liguore, Louis Faber, Tracy Rose Stamper, Kurt Newton, and Colin James Visual Art by: Amanda M Brown, Tracy Whiteside, Marisa Quartin, Maria Karametou, Paul Koskinen, Ann Marie Sekeres, Matina Vossou, Olena Kayinska, Joseph Castelli, Jeff Mann, Thomas Valianatos, Lisa Oakes, Astian Rey, Sam Lea Brown, and Frankie Gao Short Fiction by: Darry Landberg, Mark Tulin